Below you will find all files and documentation needed to install ShipWeight. If you have any questions please contact us at

PATCH: ShipWeight 12.39 Client patch (to update existing v12 installations)

ShipWeight 12.27 - for new v12 installation

Information on updating from version 11 to version 12

ShipWeight Installation Guidance

SQL Server Express 2012 (needed prior to ShipWeight Database install if no SQL Server exists)

Support files for manual running of SQL scripts

ShipWeight 11.71

ShipWeight 11.73 Client Installation

ShipWeight 11.71 Server Databases Installation & License net lock setup

ShipWeight 11.73 - Patch Installation (Upgrade earlier versions of ShipWeight 11)

ShipWeight 11 - Other support files

ShipWeight 11 - Documentation

To use the Rhino Plugin you just need Rhinoceros 3D installed.
Download an evaluation version of Rhino here - just add your email and country.
To use the Navisworks Plugin you need Navisworks (Manage/Simulate) installed.
Download an evaluation version of Navisworks here.