Modular Weight Distribution Report

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Modular Weight Distribution Report

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The Project > Reports > Modular Weight Distribution menu item will start a report that calculates three-dimensional mass distribution of weight items within the defined boundaries of a unit/module to obtain the weight, center of gravity and mass distribution of each unit/module.

Calculations are based on the SAWE paper no. 785 – “Mass Distribution Requirements for Modular Ship Construction in the Preliminary Design Phase” by Norris L. Wood and Charles M. Mead, 1969

The report is showing weight and center of gravity contribution (portion) for each weight group / line item on the defined block units (rectangles) and visualization of each weight group / line item portion contained within the block units can be shown in ShipWeight’s Code Envelope window (menu View > Code Envelope…)

To make the report, a custom code must be assigned as the module code, and min/max values for the VCG, LCG and TCG must be defined for the sub codes of this code in the Code Definition window (menu View > Code Definition…).





Next, the custom code holding the unit/module data must be set in the Report Setup window (menu Project > Report Setup…) before the report finally can be run (menu Project > Reports > Modular Weight Distribution…).