4.13.4 Field Type Codes

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4.13.4 Field Type Codes

Additional Features > The Code Definition Window


The Field Type selects how the code is presented in the Items window. It has to be either: EditBox (default), ComboBox, ListBox or ReadOnly.


EditBox (default)

The code is presented as an editable textbox. E.g. comment field.


Combination of EditBox and ListBox. The user can type a value or select a value from the drop-down list.


Input to be selected from a list of values that is presented as a drop-down list.


Typically used when the code calculates a value not to be edited.



See Add a Code value to learn how to create the drop-down list for the ListBox and ComboBox.


Hint and Tricks:

For adding items written into the ComboBox to the drop-down list. Change the Field Type to EditBox and then back to ComboBax again.

A message as shown in the picture below will then pop-up. Answer yes if you would like to add all codes defined for items.