2.11.1 Filling in Missing Parameters

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2.11.1 Filling in Missing Parameters

ShipWeight Basics > Making the Project Ready for Export to the Historical Database


For updating the parameter values for future estimations we would prefer to use the Method window.

To open the Method window choose Method values... on the View menu from the Main window menu bar.



The Method window will open and it looks like this:



You can now navigate in this window to find the parameters that need to be included for what you plan to estimate in the future.


Use the method below for each parameter you would like to fill in the missing parameters for.  


First select the weight group you would like to be able to estimate in the future in the Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) tree.




Then select which method type you would like to use in the future estimate.




At last select if you would be able to estimate the Weight, VCG, LCG or TCG.






When you have selected what to estimate, which method type to use for the estimate and the parameter to be estimated,  you can see that a flag next to that weight group is Green GreenFlag, Yellow YellowFlagor Red RedFlag. This flag indicate the status for that selection.



Red flag: You need to update the Estimation parameters so that it is possible to calculate a estimation coefficient for that method.

Yellow flag: The mandatory estimation parameters are included for this selection, the Comparison parameters are not completed. (The comparison parameters are not mandatory, but nice to have)

Green flag: Both the mandatory Estimation parameters and the voluntary Comparison parameters are in place.


For example. To be able to estimate the Weight using the Default Method for the Hull Weight group, the Watson E-parameter need to be included in the picture below.  


Method window- Parameters


When you have checked the parameters you are ready to export the project to the historical database for later reference.