Permission Settings

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Permission Settings

Training Manual

When you log in into ShipWeight with the Administrator account you have access to all functions in ShipWeight:

Within this administrator account in ShipWeight you can create other users and other user groups, where you can control the access these users will have to the various projects.


Step 1: Open the Permissions Window for ShipWeight Accounts

First, log on to ShipWeight with the ShipWeight Administrator User account.

In the Project menu you will find a submenu called Permissions, then Administration and Change Password options.


The Change Password option lets you change the password of the current user that you are logged in with, while the administration lets you create new users and user groups. So for now select the Administration option. The Permissions window will open:


By default, ShipWeight “Administrator” user always exists, also Sysadmin group always exists. And the Administrator is a member of the Sysadmin group.


You can create as many users and users groups as you may want in ShipWeight, regardless the number of licences that you have. License only limits number of users simultaneous logged in, not the number of defined users (or number of client installations). In addition to create users and user groups, this Permissions window also has a tabsheet for Password Policy for the users:


This policy applies for all users.

Step 2: Create a New User

To create a new user, go to the Users tabsheet and click New User button:


Create new user window will pop up:


Here you can define the user name (is the name that logs on into ShipWeight). Also fill in the Full Name, then select the User Group:


Click OK, and then we have to define the password:


And click OK. So, now we have created a new user for the sysadmin group:


This new user will have access to all functions in ShipWeight, including creating other users and user groups. These ShipWeight users what can be accessed within the executable application of ShipWeight, but is does not overwrite any permissions given to the windows users on the sql server, so the sql server defines what the user can do on the sql servers, and these ShipWeight user defines what can be accessed and granted permission within the executable application.

Step 3: Define a New User Group

Now let’s try to create another user group, a user group that should have only read only access. To do that, we click on the groups tab sheet and click the Add button:


And now we can define a new group:


Give the Group ID and Description:


Step 4:  Set Permissions for the New Usergroup

Click on the Permissions tab. If you check all the options, then you will have access to the following:


Since we are going to do a read only group and we would like this user to be able to access all area of the project with Read permissions, we will just select Read on the WgtInfo, ProjectInfo, Setting, Estimation and Playground:


Next step is to define which Weight group this user is allowed to look into. In this case we will allow the user to access all groups:


The final tabsheet Codes, is to define if you want to remove access to certain custom codes for this group.


Now that the group has been defined, we can click OK and all these settings will be saved and we should be ready to add the user that we assign to this group.


Step 5: Assign Users to the New Group

Users then will inherit the permissions belonging to the group, we go to User tabsheet and we create a new user, by clicking New User button:


Fill in the following settings:


And then click OK. And then we set a temporary password:


Click OK, and then again OK. Now we have defined this new user. For neow, this user will have only read only access to this project. And we can test it by Exit ShipWeight. And then we open ShipWeight, and now we will not log in with the Administrator, but with Joe user name and password:


And we are required to change the password at logon:


So create a new password:


ShipWeight will open with the user permissions assigned. The user can read things, but he cannot change things. So the user can access the Items window, he can only read the information, he cannot change it:


The setting for this user group, is now valid only for this particular project, so if we exit this project, and go back in as the Administrator again:


So if we open now a different project, the new group that we created will not have access to the newly opened project, but the group will exist in the Permissions window. But if we check the Properties we will see for this project there are no permissions granted:


Permissions are granted only for the specific projects where you applied the permissions settings.

More on Permission Settings

This is the main settings explained in more details:




WgtInfo is permissions related to all weight information, like weight items and weight groups


ProjectInfo is permissions related to project parameters that is not a direct weight parameter, in example vessel length, frame spacing, machinery power etc.


Setting is permissions that is related to Item Settings (Item Window view setup), Custom Codes, Number of decimals and similar settings for the project


Estimate is permissions related to the parametric estimation window.


Playground is permissions related to the Playground Area in ShipWeight



Each of the main category is divided into the following subcategories:


When this is checked, the user/usergroup is granted access to read the information of the main category


When this is checked, the user/usergroup is granted access to edit the information of the main category, but only one item at the time.


When this is checked, the user/usergroup is granted access to edit the information of the main category, and several items at the time, in example deleting out all items within a weight group.


When this is checked, the user/usergroup is granted access to run reports of the information of the main category


When this is checked, the user/usergroup is granted access to do file imports of the information of the main category


When this is checked, the user/usergroup is granted access to do file export of the information of the main category




In addition to granting the permissions to the actions as explained above, the user/usergroup must also be granted access to the weight groups by checking off the part of ther WBS tree that is relevant for the user/usergroup (usually the whole tree).

This is done by clicking on the “Weight group” tabsheet next to the “Permission tabsheet.


See next pages for sample setups.




Should be assigned to the default “sysadmin” user group.  No further settings needed

Key User    

Should be assigned to the default “sysadmin” user group.  No further settings needed in ShipWeight.  On the SQL Server, the windows user of this person may be restricted from administrative SQL rights at the server level.

Weight Engineer  

Grant all permissions – check all boxes



User                            (playground only)

Grant all permissions under Playground, Read Only on the rest



Guest                          (just look, no touch)

Grant Read Only on all categories