11. Training Manual

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11. Training Manual




ShipWeight Overview


Customizing the ShipWeight System Database

No need to customize the WBS if you want to use one of the standard WBS systems

Starting a New Project

See video 1 & 2

Customizing ShipWeight Project Options

See video 1 & 2

Setting Up Codes and Item Settings

See video 3 & 4

Enter Weight Data Manually

See video 5

Import of Weight Data

See video 6

Filtering, sorting and Change Data

See video 7

Getting Results and Output

See video 9

Quality Assurance

See video 15

Playground Area

See vide 10 & 11

Parametric Estimation

See video 12

Loading Conditions and Hydrostatics

See video 17 & 18

Phase Codes

See video 13

Permission Settings

See video 16

ShipWeight Plugins

See video 20

Crystal Reports

Only if student have Crystal Reports designer tool and wants to make own templates


All videos found on www.ShipWeight.com in the “Videos” section

See proposed agenda on next page.


buttonProposed Agenda

buttonTable of Contents

buttonShipWeight Overview

buttonCustomizing the ShipWeight System Database

buttonSetting Up Custom Codes and Item Settings

buttonEnter Weight Data Manually

buttonImport of Weight Data

buttonFiltering, Sorting and Changing Data in ShipWeight

buttonGetting Results and Output

buttonQuality Assurance (QA) - Compare and Vetting Projects

buttonPlayground Area

buttonExport to Historical Database

buttonParametric Estimation

buttonLoading Conditions, Hydrostatics & Global Filters

buttonPhase Codes

buttonPermission Settings

buttonShipWeight Plugins

buttonCrystal Reports