3.9 Starting a New Project Based on Earlier Estimation Results

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3.9 Starting a New Project Based on Earlier Estimation Results

Estimating Weight and CoG

When the weight activity turn from estimation into a weight take off (WTO) activity, we establish a new project.

There are two philosophies for the weight control activity;

Start with an empty project and enter weights toward 100%

Start with the estimate and continuously replace weights with more exact (reliable) ones.

In the last-mentioned case, we will always have 100% in the database.

In both cases it will be useful to reuse a certain amount of the information stored in the estimate database.

An import function is available from the Project menu by selecting Import > ShipWeight 13.0 Data…

First you select from which project database and project you want to import information from.

In the Import Values to Project Database you specify what kind of information you want to import.

If you just want to import the parameter-values from the design project, you just select Parameters from the list and then click the Import button. If you also want to import weight and CoG information, you select the Weight, VCG, LCG, TCG & distribution topic from the list.