2.1 Starting ShipWeight

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2.1 Starting ShipWeight

ShipWeight Basics

When starting ShipWeight, the Login window will appear.

The Authentication and SQL Server fields should be prefilled and values set from the installation. In normal use of the software you will not need to changes these settings.

To start working with ShipWeight you need to enter a valid user name and password. The first time ShipWeight is started, you must log on with the following user name and password:

User name:                        Administrator
Password:                        admin

Next, use the System dropdown list to select the appropriate system breakdown structure structure. Click OK to continue. The main window of ShipWeight will now be opened.

The User name and System fields are preset with the values from the previous session.






In the main window the grid tables and the weight group hierarchy have been merged. The result is a more intuitive way of navigating in the weight group hierarchy, and also the number of weight groups on the same level of the structure is no longer restricted by the grid tables – there is no limitation to this anymore.


Icons are used in the main window to inform the user about the origin of the weight group summary.

A Grid table icon indicates that the weight group is a summary of weight items in that weight group.

A Sigma icon indicates that the value is a summation of subgroups – not items.

Finally, a Graph icon will indicate that the value is estimated by parametric formula.

Grid table and Graph icons are also clickable and will open the Items window and Estimation window respectively.

In the right part of the main window, several information windows are shown. This shows Project Info, Parameters, and Codes. This area can be hidden all in one by clicking the Hide info >> button, in case maximum space is required for the weight group hierarchy.  Each individual window may also be hidden by clicking on the Show/Hide button (small arrow) to the right in the heading. Clicking this button will show/hide the area for every second click. The heading title itself is also clickable and works as a hyperlink to open up windows for editing the information in the area.


An extended submenu has also been added to the new main window, available by right-clicking the mouse button. The submenu includes various selections for expanding and collapsing weight groups, resetting column widths and copying the information to the clipboard.


In addition to displaying the values for parameters, the Codes window will also show a summary of the weight per code. This can potentially slow down speed on very large projects, so there is an option in the Options window to turn off this summation.


The icons showing weight group types are:






Lightship / Lightweight










The icons showing status of a weight group may be set to:








(No icon)   Neutral


To set the status, select one of the options on the Checking menu.