8.3 Upgrading Existing Reports to include ProjectID

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8.3 Upgrading Existing Reports to include ProjectID

Introduction to Crystal Reports

From ShipWeight version 7.5 and onwards, any number of projects can be stored on the same project database. To identify which project the data belongs to, every table in the project databases now have a ProjectID-field.

Crystal Reports created for ShipWeight versions prior to version 7.5 does not take the ProjectID into account. Therefore data from all projects on the same project database are reported.

To correct this, the data listed in the report must be filtered to include data from the current project only. In order to accomplish this for an existing report, there are three steps to follow:

1.Refreshing the Datasource

2.Creating a Record Selection formula

3.Change Subreport links


buttonReplace Datasource

buttonAdding a ProjectID Parameter Field

buttonCreate Record Selection Formula

buttonChange Sub-report Links