4.15 3D Plot of Weights

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4.15 3D Plot of Weights

Additional Features

A 3D plot of the weights where items are plotted as cubes according to their given extension and their position according to their center of gravity can be obtained from starting the 3D view window to be found on the menu View > 3D Plot…



Custom colors can be set for weight groups to color items by their weight group.  These colors can be set by selecting menu View Setting > Settings… in the window.  This brings up the 3D Settings window where you can pick a weight group in the work breakdown structure and set color from the submenu (right-click the WBS) by selecting Set Color or Color all subgroups.  In the same window you may also change the background color.



This window has also filter options, for weight groups and the general item filter, similar to filters in Items window, Weight Distribution window and Gyration window.

When the weight items are plotted, the user can zoom and rotate the model interactively by using the mouse in the plot area.  Standard projection settings can also be found on the menu and on buttons in the window.