2.9.20 Cell Formula in Items Window

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2.9.20 Cell Formula in Items Window

ShipWeight Basics > The Item Window: Entering Weight Information

A formula typed into a grid table cell in the Items window (i.e. =5*4+2) is stored for later use.  If a grid table cell value is calculated from such formula, this grid table cell will show the formula in a tooltip when the mouse pointer is resting on the cell.  When editing the grid table cell later, the calculated result value transforms back to this formula in the cell.

If you want center of gravity to be position midway between min and max, you can write /2 in the CoG field after min and max are defined.

If center of gravity is centered between min and max, you can define center of gravity value (e.g. X=50) and write e.g. =x10 in either min or max field. The min value will automatically be calculated to x-5 (e.g. X_min=45) and max will be x+5 (e.g. X_max=55).

It is also possible to use project parameters defined in the Parameter Definition window and available in Parameter window to calculate item values. Defining X_max could e.g. be project length and X could be length divided with two. For the standard version of the software 'Total length' has id 'lm'. The formula would then be '=lm' and '=lm/2' (without quotation mark).