5.11 Create Sets of Estimation Methods

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5.11 Create Sets of Estimation Methods

Administration and Customization

By default there are 4 different estimation methods connected to each property (weight, X, Y, Z) for each weight group:

oDefault Method: This method is typically a best practice method for the industry using parameters representing quantities on the actual detail level

oMain Parameter Method: This is a method using main parameter / main characteristics for the vessel.

oUser Defined Method: As a default this might typically be the default method, but can be modified by the user.

oMain Wgt.grp Method: This method calculates the weight/CoG as a ratio of the weight/CoG on the higher level

In addition to this it is possible to define an unlimited number of method sets with one method for each weight group type (weight, X, Y and Z).

The methods sets and methods are defined in the Method Definition window that can opened by selecting the menu Database | Administrator | Method Definition... in the Main window.


The various weighgroup breakdown systems (WBS) can be selected in the tab control at the top. For each WBS a number of method sets can be defined. Right mouse click at the list to add, edit or delete a method set.

In a method set an estimation method can be defined for weight, X, Y, Z and parameters. These are selected in the tab control on the second uppermost level. When selecting Weight or CoG, the weight breakdown structure is present in at tree control below. If Parameters is selected, a list of defined parameters are listed below. The estimation method, plot parameter and comparison parameters are defined in the table on the right side of the window. Read more about defining a method here.


The defined methods in the various method sets will be available on the Methods menu in the Estimation window.