User-Defined Estimation Methods

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User-Defined Estimation Methods

Additional Features

The user can define own methods and store them as a user defined set of methods. The user-defined methods are defined in the Method Definition window, which can be found under the Estimation menu. By default the ShipWeight methods are included. The user can edit these to customize own methods.

This window makes it possible for the user to define own estimation methods for the parametric estimation as an alternative to the default formulas.  Formulas can be defined for Weight, VCG and LCG by selecting the appropriate tab in the window.



You can navigate through the weight groups in the WBS in the tree to the left in the window.  When selecting a weight group in the tree, the user defined method (estimation formula) for this weight group can be defined in the grid table to the right by adding estimation, plot and comparison parameters.


You select the parameters by clicking twice in the grid table.  This will open a dropdown list from where you can select the parameter of choice.  Notice the first item in the list - <Search…>.  A double- click on this will open up a search window that helps you find the parameter you are looking for.   Select <Search…> and press ENTER to open the window and start typing in the keyword for the parameter.

The new defined estimation methods can be used in the Auto Estimation window by setting the radio button to User Defined in the method window, or by selecting User Defined under the Estimation menu in the main Estimation window.