5.1.9 Estimation

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5.1.9 Estimation

Administration and Customization > The Options Window


The Estimation Tab in the Options Window is a crucial section that governs how estimations are managed within ShipWeight. It provides a range of settings and preferences to streamline the estimation process. Below, you'll find a detailed breakdown of the options available in this tab.




Estimation Setting Message:

When you open the estimation window without any reference vessels stored in the estimation settings, you'll be prompted to add reference projects. Enabling this option will trigger the appearance of a pop-up window.

Default Method Set:

This setting allows you to choose the collection of estimation methods that should be automatically applied when opening the estimation window. You can select from the pre-defined sets that come with ShipWeight or create your own custom sets tailored to your specific needs.

Include SWC Projects:

If you subscribe to the service: ShipWeight Cloud database you can turn on/off the ShipWeight Cloud database vessels here.

Include All Reference Projects:

Enable this option to automatically include all vessels from the historical database in the estimation window by default.

Default Filter All Parameters:

Activate this option to apply all filters for comparison parameters as default in the estimation window.

Include Database ID by Default:

Enable this option to include the database ID, along with the project name, when exporting a project to the historical database in the "Export to Historical Database" window.

Filter on When Change Limit:

Turn on this option to apply the filter for comparison parameters in the estimation window when you enter or change the limit/value for that comparison parameter.

Add New Reference Projects:

Automatically add new reference ships to the estimation when they are added to the historical database.
Export Net Weights to Historical Database:

By default, the Gross weights are exported. However, with this option, for projects with both gross weight and net weight, the net weight can be exported instead.