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Administration and Customization > The Options Window


Estimation Setting Message:

Turns on and off the pop-up window that appears when opening the estimation window without any reference vessels selected for the estimate weight group that has been selected. The window give you the possibility to answer yes or no to following question: No reference projects are selected, so no points will show up in the graph. Do you want to add reference projects?

Default Method Set:

Selection of a default method for parametric estimation.

Include SWC Projects:

If you subscribe to the service: ShipWeight Cloud database you can turn on/off the ShipWeight Cloud database vessels here.

Include All Reference Projects:

Chech the box to included all vessels in historical database as default in the estimation window.

Default Filter All Parameters:

Check the box to apply all filters for comparison parameters as default in the estimation window.

Include database ID by default:

Filter on when change limit:

Add New Reference Projects:

Export Net Weights to Historical Database: