Parameter Types

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Parameter Types

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The parameters in ShipWeight can be of the following types;


Parameter that is a number with a specific number of decimals


Parameter that is a number with no decimals


Parameter that can be one of the values specified in the 'Alternatives' field


Parameter that is a hyperlink


Parameter that is a text


Parameter that is a predefined value listed in 'Alternatives' field or a value defined by the user


Parameter that is calculated based on other parameters, or refer to weight or center of gravity of a weight group. The formula is defined in the Expression field. A parameter for length (lm) divided by breadth (bm) will have a expression like lm@bm@/ (reverse polish notation). A parameter that represents lightship (LW) weight (W) will be LW|W and lightship longitudinal center of gravity (L) will be LW|L.