Weight Management Software

Estimate, track and monitor weight and center of gravity for your project from the conceptual phase, through basic design, detail engineering and construction, all the way until delivery and beyond.

  • Control and forecast weight issues during building and design changes.
  • Utilize historical data for faster, more reliable weight and CG estimations.
  • Store and control the company’s weight data in a structured, secure way.

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Weight control is critical for your project

When designing and building a vessel or an offshore construction, weight and center of gravity are key parameters for successful performance. Speed, strength, deadweight, stability and sea keeping are all parameters crucially dependent on the weight and center of gravity. To ensure and maintain these parameters a reliable estimation of weight and center of gravity followed by an organized tracking and monitoring activity is essential.

One system for all types of projects

ShipWeight can handle any type of floating and fixed structure, including all kinds of ships and offshore platforms. Estimation and monitoring can be done according to work breakdown systems suitable to the project type, dividing the project into weight groups. Estimation methods, parameters, reports and general setups are suited most typical projects, but all of the aforementioned may be customized for and by the user to fit the specific project.

One system for all project stages

ShipWeight provides tools for weight management throughout all project stages, from early conceptual design and all the way through construction and until project delivery. In early phases, parametric estimation is possible through utilization of past weight data. In basic and detailed design, ShipWeight is the single point for import of the latest and most up-to-date weight data from your design sources. During building, information from material take-off and weighed items are stored in ShipWeight.

A powerful system

In addition to the parametrical estimation utilizing historical data to improve future estimations, and monitoring tools to keep track of weight trends, weight budget deviations, and project comparison, ShipWeight offer a range of additional features: Weight distribution curve generation, moment of inertia calculations, various QA functions, sandbox environment, weight libraries, 3D visualization of your weight data, customizable report capabilities, and much more

Import steel structure weight from Express Marine

ExpressMarine is a Rhino plug-in for fast and flexible modelling of ship structure for the calculation of structural weight and center of gravity. ExpressMarine lets the user assign weight group information to the model. The weight groups can be defined by volume areas for modules (or sections) or by assigning a weight group ID to the various objects types. In either case the weight and center of gravity information is calculated and summarized for the weight groups and can be exported to ShipWeight.

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