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ShipWeight - Weight Engineering Software

Weight Control and ShipWeight

When designing and building a vessel or an offshore construction, weight and center of gravity are key parameters for successful performance. Speed, strength, deadweight, stability and sea keeping are all parameters crucially dependent on the weight and center of gravity. To ensure and maintain these parameters a reliable estimation of weight and center of gravity followed by an organized tracking and monitoring activity is essential.

ShipWeight is the most powerful application for weight control and mass properties engineering and can be utilized from early conceptual design and all the way throughout construction until the vessel is ready for delivery. The stored data will be available through the whole lifecycle of the vessel.
ShipWeight provides a tool for continuous, reliable, and fast weight and CG estimation, starting in the early design phase through launching. The system is designed to give quicker and more accurate estimates and more structured and secure monitoring. It can be implemented at any level, ranging from a single user to a large multiuser system running on SQL server databases, which allows the information to be easily shared by any number of users.

ShipWeight can handle any type of floating structures, and estimation and monitoring can be done according to any work breakdown system dividing the ship into weight groups. The user is able to determine which groups are relevant for his vessel type. Utilizing past ship data, ShipWeight can be used to quickly and efficiently estimate weight and center of gravity. It contains all of the necessary tools to perform weight tracking and monitoring, and numerous import and export functions are available.
ShipWeight is a good assurance for not overrunning the project budget and keep within the time schedule.

Key features are:

  • Statistical regression on historical data for parametric estimation
  • Systematic approach through work breakdown structure (WBS)
  • Weight distribution curve including export to stability programs
  • Calculating values of radius of gyration and moment of inertia
  • User defined weight reports
  • Extensive and flexible data file import functionality
  • Automatic conversion between metric and imperial units
  • Estimation and monitoring of weight integrated in one system
  • Permission control and login system

Winning Contracts and Making Profit

Structured experience data, combined with the skills of the designer and the power of the ShipWeight system, is the basis for establishing reliable estimates in an early project phase. Level of detail can be adapted to the maturity of the project and estimation of uncertainty gives a broader basis for determining necessary safety margins for the project. In a low-margin marked this is crucial both for winning ship building contracts and making profit.

ISO 19901-5:2003 - Part 5 Compliance

ShipWeight complies with the requirements of the ISO 19901-5:2003 (Petroleum and natural gas industries - specific requirements for offshore structures) - Part 5: Weight control during engineering and construction standard for doing Class A weight control with regards to data setup, storing and reporting.

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SNAME Convention, Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2019

31.10.2019 18:43
Come visit us at booth 404 at the SNAME Convention for a ShipWeight talk!
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ShipWeight Standalone Version Released!

30.04.2019 11:04
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