ShipWeight Historical

What is historical data?

In ShipWeight the historical data can be divided into multiple levels of detail and complexity. The most basic historical data is the lightship weight and the main parameters such as length between perpendiculars, length overall, depth to main deck and the beam of the ship. These parameters can be used to do an overall parametric estimate of a new vessel with similar capabilities. If you would like to divide the estimate into subgroups, the historical data that you would like to collect needs to be divided into the same groups. What historical data you would like to collect for your database depends on how you would like to build up your estimate for a new vessel. E.g. if the steel weights are used for cost estimate, you need the historical data to contain the steel weights and parameters that tell something about the relationship between the steel weight of one ship compared to another.

Historical database

Since the historical data can be as simple and as complex as you like, most designers already have a set of data that can be stored in the historical database. ShipWeight can help you utilize the data that you already own! The only bump in the road is to get the data imported into ShipWeight and its historical database. If this bump seems too big to overcome, B&A Software has experience with extracting data from drawings, reports and excel spreadsheets, and can offer our help. Please let us know if this is something we can help you with. 

ShipWeight Populate Historical datbase

(Per hour)
$ 190 Per hour
  • Upload your historical data to the SQL historical database
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