1.1 About the User’s Guide

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1.1 About the User’s Guide


This guide is designed to help you make the most out of your experience with ShipWeight. It's divided into several sections to make it easy for you to find the information you need:

1. Introduction

 - Familiarize yourself with the purpose and structure of this guide

2. ShipWeight Basics

 - Learn the basics of using ShipWeight with this introductory section.

3. Estimation Weight and CoG

 - Discover the fundamental steps for estimation weight and center of gravity.

4. Additional Features

 - Explore additional features beyond basic estimation and weight monitoring.

5. Administration and Customization

 - Customize and manage your ShipWeight experience to suit your preferences.

6. Hints and Tricks

 - Enhance your user experience with these helpful hints

7. Introduction to the Databases

 - Get acquainted with the different database in ShipWeight and what they are used for.

8. Introduction to Crystal Reports

 - Learn about generation reports using Crystal Reports.

9. Initializing ShipWeight Cloud

 - Set up and start using ShipWeight Cloud

10. What's new

 - Stay updated with the latest features and improvements in ShipWeight.

11. Training Manual

 - Access a comprehensive training manual to deepen your understanding.

12. Training Exercises

 - Engange in specific exercises to enhance your proficiency using ShipWeight.

13. Quick Start Manual

 - Get up and running quickly with this handy quick start manual.


Webhelp Version: 13.60.04

ShipWeight Version: 13.60.04