5.1.14 Weight Distribution Curve

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5.1.14 Weight Distribution Curve

Administration and Customization > The Options Window


This option tab controls the behavior of the weight distribution window.



Set the extent for weight items where any of the limits for the CoG are missing. The value ‘default’ is the default extension used for a weight item if any of the values VCG_min, VCG_max, LCG_min, LCG_max, TCG_min, or TCG_max are missing. The value ‘min.’ is the minimum allowable extension for a weight item. The min value will be used if the given extension of a weight item is less than the minimum value.

Collective listing of errors:

When opening the weight distribution window in ShipWeight, there will appear an error message about the weightgroups that has error in the extent for an item. These errors can be listed one by one or collective in one window. To turn on collective error listing instead of getting one error message per error, check this check box.  

Automatic apply filter:

Check Items with min/max=0:

Turn on/off the check for items with min/max: =0